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Welcome to Paypal Crusher. The one and only legit Paypal accounts seller in deepweb. We have sold out many accounts to our generous customers and didn’t get a single complaint against them. We provide an unique dedicated IP with every account for specific country so that our customers can withdraw the funds from the account without any issue and we provide this service free of cost but the IP is activated for 1 month only so every customer has to withdraw the funds from the account within 1 month we prefer within 1 week is much better.


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1. Is Paypal Crusher is really a legit site?

Yes, we are the only legit Paypal accounts seller in deepweb. We know there are many other scammers are there in this deepweb who pretend to be accounts seller but after taking customers money they just flew away.

2. Why your prices are quite high than other sellers in deepweb?

Because we sell real accounts with country specific dedicated IP with username and password so that you can easily withdraw the funds without freezing the account.

3. Can I contact you before placing a order?

Sure, You are more than welcome to contact us so that we can help you out with your issues or doubts please use our contact us form or email us directly at and we will get back to you.

4. How can I order in your website?

It’s preety simple just go to our account list page see all available accounts and if you want to buy just note the id of the account which is listed with every account and make the payment for that particular account and email us the account id along with your hash code of transaction and we will process your order within 2 hours after your payment on working hours only. If you send us a payment on non-working hours than we will process your order on next day.

5. What is your working hours?

Our working hours are from 9am to 6pm GMT. We are open 7 days a week at this time.

6.Why don’t you keep this accounts to yourself and use the money?

Good Question, Actually we do , we keep accounts with more than $10,000 with ourself and use the money but our botnet provide us many accounts per month and we cannot use all of them so we sell them .

Accounts List

Account ID             Account Email             Balance        Price             Availability


1251                 g****juy@g****.com        $5147.32      $950             Sold Out!

1252              che********@**      $7258.13       $1050          Available!

1253              est*****@ho*******.com   $6321.00     $1000          Sold Out!

1254              no*****@sal*****.org         $8927.40      $1200          Available!

1255              diazma******@a**.net        $4259.60     $745             Sold Out!

1256              gpo******@g****.com         $6258.75      $980            Sold Out!

1257              tobyw******@g****.com     $3564.20     $600            Sold Out!

1258              jbi******@g****.com            $9235.00     $1500          Available!

1259              kma******@g****.com         $3956.80     $650            Sold Out!

1260             lmk***@ya***.com                 $7426.00     $1060          Available!


We accept payments only through Bitcoins our one and only BTC address is :



Please do not send BTC to any other address as there are many scammers who use our name to get free money. In case of any presale questions please contact us at or use our website contact form.


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